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1 Douglas Court, 11th Avenue, Team Valley, Gateshead. NE11 0JY


Bedding sets 3 set load doubles.                                    from  £7.50

Bedding sets 4 set load singles.                                     from  £7.50

Duvets small.                                                                   from  £10.00

Duvets large.                                                                   from  £12.00

Duvets King.                                                                    from  £14.00

Feather or extra sizes.                                                    from  £16.00

Bed throws.                                                                     from  £13.00

Large catering table cloths one load 3 sets.                  from  £7.50

Curtains average size 7ft.                                               from   £8.00

Hairdressers towels small load up to 20.                       from   £6.00

Hairdressers towels large load up to 40.                       from   £7.50

Basic house laundry small wash & dry.                          from    £6.00

Basic house laundry large wash & dry.                          from   £7.50

Any mixed loads will be split to small baskets wash.         @  £5.00

Overalls, Dust sheets, others price on request.

Team kits set 15.                                                             from   £9.00

Ironing range

Shirts, Sweat shirts, Shirts or larger types.                   from  £1.00

Polo shirts.                                                                                 £0.85

T-shirts.                                                                                      £0.65

Trousers.                                                                          from  £1.00

Smalls, children.                                                              from  £0.50

Bedding, single, double, king.                                         from    1.00-£2.50


Pickup and delivery is free on Team Valley and surrounding area.

Please note that mixed loads will be extra wash and charge

Please note that prices will rise in January

Out of hours ring 07704426952

Please note it is the customers responsibility to sort washing into compatible loads and put into smaller compatible loads charged individually as well as incurring an extra charge for sorting.

Payment is by cash on delivery (or collection from our premises) of your laundry/ironing. 

Commercial customers please contact us to discuss your requirements.

open 9.00am-3.00pm Monday-Friday

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