Terms and conditions...



Our small wash is approximately 1 laundry basket or half a waste bin liner.



•Our large wash is approximately 2 laundry baskets or a full waste bin liner(not to be confused with the extra large refuse sacks)

Please note that items need to be able to move around in the machines so the agitation process can clean them properly and for air to be able to circulate in the tumble dryers.

If items are folded and compressed to the top of the bag or basket they may need to be split into two loads. 

All reasonable care will be taken when handling your laundry, however it is the customer's responsibility to empty pockets and sort the laundry into suitable wash loads, making sure the items are colour and temperature compatible for washing and suitable for tumble drying.

•We do not accept responsibility for any shrinkage if you have requested items to be tumble dried and we cannot guarantee that stains will come out during the washing process


•Customers must present items to be ironed in a clean, washed and dried state.

•For best results to help reduce wrinkling fold items as soon as they have dried and put them into a clean bag or basket preferably away from strong kitchen smells,smoke and pets.This keeps them in a much better condition ready for ironing.

•Please don't over dry clothes or cram them into the tumble dryer as this creates excessive creasing and  we are unable to accept them for ironing.

•For clarity,any items which are found to be unsuitable in anyway will be returned un-ironed with an explanatory note attached.

•All items will be ironed and either  put on hangers with a protective covering to keep them clean( shirts ,blouses,dress trousers and dresses) or neatly folded and placed in a suitable bag(e.g. Tshirts, jeans,sweatshirts)unless otherwise requested. 



Laundry and Ironing

•You must ensure that any items to be handled by us are in a safe condition and will not cause harm to our workers (e.g free from sharp objects in pockets or contaminates.)


If you find you are unavailable for the agreed collection or delivery we can easily make alternative arrangements for you that's no problem. please make sure you call us and let us know in good time to prevent a wasted journey and to avoid you having to pay an extra charge.(£3.00 per trip to cover expenses)



•Our prices are competitive and provide excellent value for money. However they are subject to review and we reserve the right to alter our pricing strategy accordingly. 

•Payment is by cash on delivery( or collection in person) of your ironing/laundry




 •Please note that by using our services you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

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